Rankup for Luckperms

I have a Pixelmon server and im planning to make about 9 Ranks. I got Luckperms installed.
I want that the players can save up money to buy a Rankup which gets more expensive every si gle rank.

Trainer->Rankup costs 10k->promote to next rank (lets call it Rank2)
For the next Rankup you need to be Rank2 to reach the third rank.
Rank2 -> rankup for 20k->rank3

So you need to rankup in order to reach next rank
Any suggestions?


Use Ore to search for plugins

Isnt rankupper only for automated stuff? U cant buy a rank. Its just getting set for EARNED money? I will try the other one but it says it doesnt get supported anymore

You could easily do this with VirtualChest.