Rate my sketch

Hey guys!

So, I drew a sketch yesterday and I’d like to hear some feedback about it. It’s my first time so be gentle :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep in mind that I’m only done with the letters, not the character (I’d like some tips on him if possible).

Personally i would disconnect the horns from the helmet so that they look more like horns on the skyrim iron helm, How you have them now makes it look like the horns are an extension of the helmet and are made of metal. Unless thats what it is supposed to be.

You should give the character a big scar in his belly. :smile: Nice though!

whats ‘Norse’?

EDIT: Is it like MORSE Code but with N?

Norse as in Norse Gods Thor, Odin, and loki.


Maybe make the letters more ‘rune’ like in appearance (ie, font).