Read before posting an issue

Recently, with the publication of the Sponge builds (c’mon, you all knew where they were anyways, right?), we’ve been receiving a lot of topics asking for help. Now, it’s understandable that, in this situation, you just want to post what you’re experiencing, and get a solution. There are a few things I want to make clear.

  • Sponge is still in development. You’re going to get issues that don’t have readily apparent resolutions.
  • Sponge is unsurprisingly volatile, and its requirements are very specific; sometimes, changing per build.
  • Most of the Sponge developers have full-time jobs or go to school full-time. The community is good for answering questions, but please do not expect a developer to answer every question.

Now, with this in mind, I have proposed a solution to one of the major problems about reporting an issue: Documentation. What I mean by Documentation is that, recently, when problems have been reported, they’ve been underwhelming in the amount of information provided about the issue.

Please keep in mind that the more you post, the easier we can narrow down any problems. Please also keep in mind that even if we know what the problem is, there may not be a readily apparent resolution. That’s just the nature of early-state open-source software, people.

So, this proposal is simple. A template which you copy/paste and then fill out. The more information you can fill out, the higher our chances are of being able to support you.

[b]Sponge Build:[/b]
[b]Forge Build:[/b] (Ignore if using SpongeVanilla)
[b]Java Version:[/b]

[spoiler "Forge Logs"]

[spoiler "Minecraft Logs"]

[b]Plugin Source:[/b]

I hope you understand the request. Of course, no one is making anyone use any kind of template, but bear in mind that in order for us to help you, you need to help us help you.


I like this idea. I remember when I used to help people on the Server mod that shall not be named forums and everything was such a mess.

I did, however like the stacktraces a lot better than the ones that sponge has because they’re easier to teach and understand.

This is actually an issue, and is being looked into. :smile:

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@Owexz pin this please :smiley:


Moved to Sponge Support; feels like a better place for it.

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…No. I’m moving it back. This template is strictly for issues with Plugin Development. Sponge support ranges a myriad of non-plugin related topics.