"reader" no working

Which community are you from? - #141 by deathcap is a topic with over 100 posts, I’ve read every one multiple times.


No one has the badge.

Yall got some explain’ to do

Badge queries run daily for most badges.

Explanation over :stuck_out_tongue:, come back tomorrow!

As in, at midnight UTC?

Nope - daily tasks get automagically staggered by the scheduler on first startup, and I just did a manual run a few minutes ago. So, daily at ~7PM pacific time.

So tonight 7PM pacific I should be getting that badge although I’ve been getting other badges as soon as I hit the mark they required? Quite odd.

That’s my understanding as well. Doesn’t make much sense.

It shows you have it already. Go look at the badge page.

I know, but it shouldn’t be like that, it should be instant like the others.

I read through it yesterday when it was at 117 posts, Still never got the badge…

Ah! I see what you’re saying. I agree…

Hmm, odd. I’ve read it through at least three times now and I haven’t gotten the badge however I’ll check again at 7pm…

The “Reader” badge isn’t instant because the query takes some time to perform, especially on forums that have been around longer than a day. (We’re talking on the order of seconds.)

Additionally, there isn’t really any viable trigger - people read posts all the time, that would be a lot of things to check.

Oh, ok. Makes sense. Thanks for the information.