Real Train mod permission rtm

Hello, I have a question regarding the Real Train Mods. I wanted or created a server, pulled in the mods and started it and could synonymous but if I wanted to put a rail came the error message (need permission (editRail)) and in my server folder has created a new file names ngt and if you open the file you see a text document called permission and it is empty, I have to write a command there or something

So its asking for permission, meaning you will need a permissions plugin, luckperms is a good one, but any will do.

After that you need to add the permission node to edit rail command (typically mods have the permission node of .cmd.< cmd>) to the players or group of player

okay but what do I have to enter for a command in the console to give me the permission

please i need the answer

Depends on the permissions plugin you chose. I also don’t know mods that well, however I do know some parts of sponge that interact with mods. One of which being that sponge adds permissions to mod commands.

Read the sponge docs for more info: