Real Train Mod Permisson


I have a problem from Real Train Mod. This mode run correctly, but for some action, (exemple : spawn an Car, or make a railways…) I have an error message :

Kalawen need permission (editRail).

(My pseudo is Kalawen :wink: but I have all permission, I’m op.

I’m french, and the mod is Japonais, I serch for find the resolve in lot of forum, but I can’t find solution…

Think for answer !

(And sorry for my english…)

try to add permission realtrain.* or realtrainmod.* or something like that. also try digging in mod file by unpacking it and search there for correct name of this permission

If you open the mod with 7Zip or WinRar. You will find a file called ‘’ open that in a basic text viewer such as Notepad. Inside there you will find a line that is something like ‘mod-id: realtrain’ (can not remember the context).

The permission is the mod id + “.*” (Without the quotes)

Neither you nor @Jakub_Z is correct. Sponge does not have support for .* permissions, and any functionality on their part is a quirk of the specific implementation you are using. The correct way to do a wildcard permission is just to have the parent permission (i.e. realtrain), no .* on the end. IIRC LuckPerms lets you do .* permissions and converts them to the correct form specifically for Bukkit compatibility purposes.

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thanks for learning me something new @pie_flavor
but even you didn’t noticed that he told he’s op so he even doesn’t have any permission plugin

I always forget that. Sorry

/permit add nickname permission