Realistic Chat - Chat like in real life, not everyone can hear you (clearly)!

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Realistic Chat

Realistic Chat is a Sponge API 7 plugin that restricts chat messages sent by players only to be received inside a certain area around them


  • It’s for SpongeAPI 7.0.0/7.1.0 (Minecraft 1.11.2/1.12/1.12.2).
  • Everyone within 7 blocks can hear you clearly, everyone within 12 blocks can hear you.
  • When a player first joins, a message will be sent to the player containing instructions on how to use this plugin.
  • Using explanation marks: Adding 1 explanation mark adds:
    • 5 blocks in which players can hear you clearly (The 5 blocks are also added on the radius in which players can hear you.
    • 5 seconds of the hunger effect.
    • You can of course combine explanation marks: Using 3 explanation marks:
      • Adds 15 blocks to the radius.
      • Gives the sender 15 seconds of the hunger effect.


Just place the plugin file in your plugins folder, restart the server and you’re ready to go!

Expected functions

There are a few functions I want to add to RealisticChat:

  • Configs
  • Some more stuff based on what you want and your feedback
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Hi, your plugin seems to be very good but it really need a config text. Moreover, when we are 8 blocks and more the chat write a list of infinite letter that"s a bit disgusting for eyes ^^

I really enjoy your work and want to see a finallity of your work.


Hello @Alexis_Picoche, sorry for the (extreme) late reaction.

I actually saw your message in july, but forgot to answer you, sorry! :sweat_smile:

But thank you for the feedback, I’ll try to change the way obfuscated text looks, but I’m actually using the built in Minecraft function.

I’ll see if I have some time to add a config and change the obfuscated text, I’m currently working on a game, so I also have some other things on my mind. I’m pretty new to Sponge, so it may take some time, sorry about that.

Thank you for your support! :grinning:

(By the way, if you want your own values for the obfuscating distance, for now, you can find the source code on my Github, change the values and compile it yourself.)