Really low spawn rate with Sponge?

I’m running a SMP Minecraft-server, version 1.11.2 with Sponge 6.0.0 (Beta 222). And we always had issues with spawn rate in the overworld. Squids and slimes is super rare, so rare the only way of getting ink is with our automatic fishfarm. And our quad iron farm has not yielded us more than 24 iron ingots after several days.

So, I loaded up the world locally on my computer without Sponge, and tried the iron farm - I got about 2 stacks of iron ingots in 1 hour!

The plugins I’m using is Nucleus, PermissionManager, PlayerShops, RankUpper and TotalEconomy.

What could be wrong?

Update SpongeVanilla. Mob Spawning was broken in Sponge due to some lighting issues. It was fixed in version 1.11.2-6.0.0-BETA-232, and some ambient spawning fixes (including squid) arrived in #234.

Ah! I’ll do that. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Does this apply to SpongeForge as well?

Yeah, the corresponding changes happened in SpongeForge too, although I can’t remember which version - you can track it down using the changelog on th Downloads page. I think there’s been some tinkering with it in recent versions too, so be wary.