Recent reboot not allowing players to connect

Hey, so I’m having a pretty weird issue. I’ve been running Pixelmon just fine on a BungeeCord network for quite some time without issue, when we first tried setting it up it kept giving us the error “This server requires FML/Forge to be installed. Contact your server admin for more details.” on both the Bungee and Pixelmon console. We fixed this error by adding in SpongePls. However after a recent reboot (No changes were made) it’s happening again, checked Sponge Configurations to make sure BungeeCord Modules and IP Forwarding are true, rechecked all ips / ports, etc… even copied everything locally to a test server and it worked just fine. Any thoughts?

This issue has been fixed, but I am not sure how to remove the thread.

Staff can delete the topic for you, but you might want to consider sharing how you resolved the problems you were having so that others can avoid the same troubles.

It was just a miss configuration, we missed the config option for SpongePls to set the proper Sponge API Version.