Recommended Authme

Hi! I’m just new here just browsing through. Do you have any sponge forge recommended for Security Plugin? ((I have offline server so I really need it T-T))

Please note that we do not tolerate piracy. From our Forum, Discord & IRC Rules that form part of our Terms of Service:

We aim to comply entirely with the Mojang EULA, to that end any plugins, services, posts and/or links suspected of violating the EULA may be removed at the discretion of the Sponge Staff or at the request of Mojang AB.

I know it says we may remove your post, but I believe it is better for us to warn you of our terms in this case, rather than remove it.

To that end, we will only recommend that you use online-mode and therefore only support those who have bought a licence for the game. Please do so to support Mojang as the creators of the game!