Recommended Build 7.2.1 Released!

Hey everyone,

We have just released a new recommended build of SpongeForge and SpongeVanilla! Version 7.2.1 is now available for your general usage. There are no particular things to be aware of when upgrading, so just upgrade in the normal fashion and everything should be fine!

As a final reminder, we highly recommend you upgrade if you’re using SpongeForge or SpongeVanilla 7.1.10 or lower as there was a Denial of Service vulnerability that we patched in 7.2.0.

Release Notes

The changes this time around are:

  • Projectiles and items will now fire movement events
  • Fixed issue where the PatternMatchingElement may return more than one entry when an exact match is provided
  • Improved vanish, preventing collisions and mob spawning around the vanished player when appropriate
  • Fixed dupe when cancelling InteractInventoryOpen event
  • Fixed custom data removal for offline players
  • Stop firing ChangeDataHolderEvent.ValueChange when an entity is constructed
  • Fixed deserialisation of numbers in JSON
  • Fixed duplicatication of spawn chunks in memory
  • Improve performance when calculating which crafting recipe to present
  • JoinData is now only updated after the player has joined
  • Improved performance of vehicle movement
  • Fixed performance issue with owner/notifier tracking
  • Fixed incorrect EquipmentProperty being returned for armor pieces
  • Fixed potential deadlock when disconnecting players

You can download these builds from our Downloads page,

Thanks all!