[RECRUITING] Linux System Administrator


I’m looking for someone to help augment our current team. We have two system administrators, both based in Australia. However, everyone’s time is short and, given that this is a volunteer position, priorities are most often placed in other areas.

I’m looking for someone who can spend at least a few hours a week (preferably be active in discussions related to server upgrades and management when they crop up, at least every other day). Someone NOT in Australia would also be wonderful, as it conflicts quite a lot with my timezone - though, I have grown quite accustomed to staying up until 5am, at this point.

We do have a single Windows server which we use for Active Directory, since it’s a system which one of our SysOps was already familiar with. However, the rest of the servers are Linux, generally CentOS, though a few exceptions are made for Ubuntu if that server is meant for an application which performs better there.

We currently have 8 servers and will be upgrading to about 20 or 30 within the next few months. We have tools to make this process a bit easier, but obviously some experience working within several terminals at once would be helpful.

You can respond to this topic, or PM me directly. Much Love,

I am interested! shoot me an email at [email protected]
Btw I live in EST