RedProtect - Complete antigrief plugin


I’m currently having a problem with the plugin this one blocks the spawn of the animals in the whole MAP and I find it not how to solve this problem knowing that in the configuration of spawn of the animals is activated !

SpongeAPI 7.1.0-FF990DF
Sponge Forge 1.12.2-2705-7.1.0-BETA-3448



A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.5 b129:

  • Fixed some w/b lists in all aspects for globalflags;
  • Fix error on starting;


Hi, i’ve install the latest build and changed the bottle to an axe as i’ve setting claims upin the nether and when i right click it changed the bottle to a filled bottle and stops me from making a claim. Might wanna look into that. ANyways, i set the two positions and it shows it as i have. But when i do /rp claim djdjdj It says one or both are not set.


Ok no im getting error occurred while executing command null. when i claim both sides and type /rp claim shop or /rp define shop


Will this work on API 7?


Tested it and it does not work


Good evening, first excellent plugins, but I have a problem with the plugins, impossible to use the command / rp sell & / rp buy
Versions: 1.12.2 sponge
Versions: RedProtect-7.5.3-b123-Universal.jar


Would it be possible to add the functions of the lands at the end of the example command: / rp addmember (name of the player) (name of the lands). as we can not sell I would use the stakes to sell the land with the currency in play.


A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.6 b#149

A lot of changes!
Please check all changes here up to build #130

But in resume, i have fixed 99% of the issues from our Gihub! If you find some new issues, please report here:


the “allow-mod” flag sucks. It just allows all mods, no way to specify certain block ids or entities, its either, block all mods, or allow all mods…


Yeah, it is limited, but you have some options like:

  • Add mod blocknames in config private-blocks to let the flag chest control this blocks access.
  • Change interact options on globalflags config file to let interact with specific mod entities.

Allow-flags its limited but enough for some people.