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Now Redprotect uses a universal jar, meaning the same jar is compatible with SpongeAPI 5, 6, 7 and 8

Complete Antigrief plugin supporting UUIDS and Mysql DB, and supporting OFFLINE servers too!

Visit our jenkins to download versions compatible with all actual APIs:
Dev builds on Jenkins:

With more than 40k downloads on Bukkit i finally have ported RedProtect to Sponge, exactly as is on Bukkit:

  • Same Permissions
  • Same Commands
  • Same Flags
  • Same way to protect your regions;

The source code is available on Source button, and if you take a look on code, will see that i have make too many adapts to make working with sponge, then theres a lot of improves to make on code, but its totally secure to use this plugin for now.

Please, post erros, issues and other thinks you find on comments and on issue tracker on github!

About RedProtect:

RedProtect World is an area protection plugin made for users. No longer do you need to have an admin worldguard a region for you. The user can take care of themselves now.

Special Features:

  • Admin flags for enter/exit events, invincible, effects, deny enderpearl and command execution on enter/exit, and other exclusive Admin Flags;

  • Can deny interaction with all mods blocks, including machines and systems, allowing only for members and owners of region;

  • Can deny players to use /sethome or /home inside regions;

  • Can deny player to use /back command in regions with this flag;

  • Friendly listing of regions, separated by worlds and colors, and optional Hover and clicking on region name to teleport to region:

  • You can use a visual gui to change the player flag values with total customization of messages, description and item icon:​

New Border Visualization:

New border visualization with customizable particles and intensity!

WECUI Visualization:

If you is using WECUI, you can visualize your region limits on select or on claim.
Download WECUI:

Use the command /rp select-we or /rp swe (permission to select the edges of your region with WorldEdit, and show the region on WECUI.

Dynmap Cuboids:

Now Redprotect will automatically show your player RPs on dynmap. You dont need to do nothing and dont need to install any other plugin, all is embedded on RedProtect.

Region Areas:


Other Features:

  • Your players can create fast region protections with fences and redstone;
  • Global flags for wilderness;
  • Your can create fast cities and towns makin a big region, and othes regions inside this and allowing others players to be owner of this regions without remove you as owner of this regions.
  • Protect all your stuff inside your region, including chests, armor stands, banners, doors, passive animals, and farms.
  • Can deny Lava and Water flows, and fire spread/damage.
  • Own [Private] protection for chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers and droppers for this items inside or outside regions;
  • Can set welcome messages, and see other info regions when enter on it.
  • Set a default limit for region size or claim limit protection for each player or group using permissions.
  • Automatic backups, and save. Even if your server crashes, people will retain their protections.
  • Protects from sky to bedrock or you choose from min. y and max. y size for your regions.
  • Purge and Selling system do remove/put to sell all old and away players regions from server with option to whitelist player to don’t remove their regions(Sell regions is alpha);
  • The database works with editable ‘.conf’ type or ‘Mysql’ database.
  • Open source license. Source is available through github. Link!

How to use:

  • Method 1: The players only need to surround their regions with fences (or any configurable block) and put a sign in front of fences or up the fences, then in first line of sign put [rp] and that is it, is protected!
  • Method 2: Use /rp wand to get the wand tool or give the wand tool to player using your kit plugin. Hit the 2 oposite points in the region you want to protect and use the command /rp claim [nameOfRegion] [additionalOwner] to claim the region with you as owner. (need the permission redprotect.own.claim)

  • Admin Method: You can create admin regions where the owner is the server. On method 2, instead to use /rp claim, you can use /rp define [nameOfRegion]


For detailed permissions see our wiki page: Click here to go!


Usin plugin and adding/removing members to region (ES):

Video tutorial in PTBR for protect regions using FENCES:

Video tutorial showing how to protect using WAND TOOL:

Other video tutorial (thanks to jithin):

Discuss about redprotect and for help on Discord:

Donate, Help and Motivate:

Do you like this plugin and want more and more features you can make a donation for me and make me not sleep on the keyboard:


Chat with us on Discord!

Use the Tickets section for report any issues, or malfunctions: Open an Issue


A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

Version 7.1.4:

  • Added new globalflags. See wiki;
  • Now player can use the command /rp redefine to resize your regions (latter allowed only for admins);
  • Added command /rp p1/p2 to set wand positions withour wand tool (useful for redefine);
  • Improved Mysql system;
  • Some bugfixes, including world and player iceform flags;

Hello, thx for the plugin I really like it.
But I have a problem with the buy/selling system. When someone tries to buy a region, it says he doesn´t have enough money, while having enough. I´m using EconomyLite and game-version 1.11 (sponge-build 2195)

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.2.0 - Build 137

Main Additions:

  • Added Chat Protection module;
  • Added /rp kick to kick player from regions and temporary deny to enter on this region;
  • Added flag build;
  • Added piston listener to deny get blocks from regions using pistons;
  • Imporved enter flag related to only execute comands if player really can enter, including mounting entyties allowing enter on regions where cant (like mount on pokemons);
  • Fixed region limits;
  • Added option to define if limits is per worlds or not;
  • A lot of fixes (some of new additions);

Download versions for API 5 from our jenkins.
Because of lot of changes, follow all changes on our Jenkings:

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Please fix this. Sponge Forge 1.12.1 Latest build. Error. · Issue #209 · FabioZumbi12/RedProtect · GitHub

Really nice plugin. It’s very well thought out and I was actually using 2 plugins to accomplish what RedProtect is able to do before I stumbled upon it. Awesome how you included the ability to buy and sell lots with the protections plugin, however I’m having a few issues and hopefully you can help me out. I have an admin controlled town and I want to give my players the ability to buy and sell lots within this town, but I do not want to give them the ability to edit (all or most of) the flags. The issues I’m running into are:

  1. When I set the flags on a lot in this town and then put the lot up for sale these flags will change back to what appears to be some sort of default value once the lot is bought by a player. Is there anyway to set these flags so they do not change because I don’t want my players to have the ability to set their own flags except for maybe the odd one like the ability to harm passive mobs.

2a) This town is a region and the lots are sub-regions. When a player puts their lot up for sale they are no longer able to interact with this sub-region. It’s as if the lot has already been bought by another player. I would like them to have the ability to use the lot until it is sold.

2b) If a player puts a lot up for sale then cancels the sale of the lot they are no longer considered to be the owner of this sub-region and cannot interact with it.

  1. Could you please provide some further explanation on how to edit the flag gui. I’d like to add some more flags to it for my admins.


Would like to point out that except for the wand command, this plugin works on the experimental spongeforge for 1.12.2 using API 7.

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.3.0 - Build 68

  • Universal jar: The same is compatible with API 5, 6, 7 and 8;
  • Fixed enter/exit notifications not showing;
  • Added BossBar to show enter/exit notifications;
    *Added configuration to change the teleport time;
  • Added option to add more blocks to be break if “build-on-claims” is true (to break grass as example);
  • Added addFlag() to allow other plugin to register custom flags;
  • Fix players allowed to get border blocks;
  • Fix time to show border blocks;
  • Added maxy and miny;
  • Added bypass permissions for flags related to enter/exit;
  • Try to dismount the player if have no permission to enter on region;
  • Improved flag enter related;
  • Added option to set limits per world;
  • Added flag build;
  • Added piston listener to deny get pistons from protected areas;
  • Fix command laccept and lno not work;
  • Fixed rp inside other rps gets from block limits;

Because of lot of changes, follow all changes on our Jenkings:
Issues, Wiki or suggestions: Issues · FabioZumbi12/RedProtect · GitHub
Join on our discord:

Hello, when can I support the 1.12.2 version?

The first line of the update post.

Yo fix your build server URL. Having to fork your repo and manually upload releases cause I can’t rely on your crappy web host lol

Fixed, i just chaged to https and added host. since 2 days, sorry.

Oh I meant no offense. I logged in and commented only because I’ve had multiple issues with your url over the last several months I’ve used it. It seems a bit flaky but that could be my own CI build having an issue.

Hey! Good plugin, thanks!
I have a suggestion about blocks/claim limits — what about ‘options’? This thing is really useful, admins won’t need to change config file every time.

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.0 - Build 113

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.4.1 - Build 111

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.0 - Build 115

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.0 - Build 115

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.2 - Build 116

A new version has been released for RedProtect, it is available for download here.

RedProtect 7.5.3 - b123

  • Added suport to WECUI;
  • Removed booleans for spawn passives/monsters and added blacklist/withelist, and added option to allow/deny mobs only on regions;
  • Added option to disable region name on welcome message;