Redrield Plugins


I make Minecraft plugins, have been doing so since around 2014. I’ve been programming for around 5 years, and have experience in a multitude of languages, including Java, Kotlin, PHP, Rust Langauge, and Python. I’ve been using Sponge for about a year now, and have done commissions for people in the past, on both Spigot and Sponge.

Public Experience
Even though I have plenty of plugins that I can release to the public, very few of them are actually available beyond Github. I do this because even though these plugins are of quality, I don’t feel they’re good enough to release on platforms such as Ore. I try to make sure that the plugins I do release are as quality as they can be. Keeping that in mind, many of the things that I do can be seen on my Github page, and the compiled versions of some plugins can be viewed at a request.

Previous Commissions
I’ve done commissions for multiple people both on Spigot and Sponge, and the people who appreciate or recommend my work can be seen in the comments of the equivalent thread to this one on the Spigot forums.

A typical rate for a project would range from $15-20CAD/hr. For very simple projects that don’t require much of my time, a flat fee of $5-$10CAD.

In short, when purchasing a plugin from me/commissioning me to do something. you can’t chargeback me after you’ve received the plugin, you agree that payment comes before the plugin, and you agree that the purchase is non-refundable. Full terms can be viewed here.

Contact can be made through the forum at the bottom of my website, located here.

This post is strictly for advertising purposes. Discussion of specific commissions, or other paid development work is prohibited. Furthermore, commissions are not to be discussed on the forum outside of this category.


I had the pleasure of working with @Redrield today he was quite prompt with his reply back from the first email I sent and quickly got to work on a prototype. As soon as we finished discussing the details as well as the commission for the task. He than showed me the plugin working on his test server and im quite happy with the results.

He’s a really trustworthy dude from my experience don’t hesitate to contact him any time.