Redstone Discussion

Not to be off-topic, but RedPower 3 is currently in development and looks promising. Obviously there’s a lot of work to do still, but progress is being made.


actually they take 1.5 ticks to extend and to rectract, it’s just that the block instantly moves away when you power or depower it. Then it needs 1.5 ticks to appear on the other side again.

Strange friggen’ redstone, Microsoft: fix your darn game!

that’s not even strange yet.

This is weird: (disclaimer: I made the video)

Without the intention to advertise anything here, I’ve got a few videos about timing/pistons/ticks with redstone on the channel that video is from, maybe it helps you understand some things. I need to warn you though: It’s not possible to understand redstone. It does weird magical things.

The only way to predict it, from what I’ve found, is to building everything up to 1tick, with no0.5tick timings, or things start misbehavin’…

Good luck, it’s hardly possible :wink:

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I just want to say, that there is a way to make 0tick Redstone that goes on as far as you want, I’m only saying this because some people do not know. But you can make instawire that extends around 200 blocks for on/off both is 0ticks.

Similar to @tebbenjo 's post? (here) If not, would be cool if ya felt like setting up a demonstration and screenshot so we could see XP Although I think he mentioned a contiguous tripwire only goes some 40 blocks? And will tripwire (if it spans across loaded and unloaded chunks) also load unloaded chunks as redstone (apparently) does?