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Not if you invert the system and have your pistons on 0tick delay (inverted with redstoneblocks). also, I’ve come up with ways to extend power for 40 blocks with a single tick delay. ;D

Got me beat there. I’m alright with redstone compared to most of the others on my server, but I’ve no idea how to go about that XD I’ve always favored RedPower mod because of the amazing things ya can do with that. Wish Eloraam would sort out what she’s doing with that. Don’t want to see that die.

At one point size was a concern because of loaded chunks, but now redstone will load its own chunks, so it still may be do-able.

… When did this become a thing? O.o

pistons take 1tick to extend, but 0tick to retract. so 400 pistons in a single line take 0ticks to retract. see where I’m going with this?

I can imagine, but I don’t understand how they take 0 ticks to retract XD It seems like to process the block move at all, it’d need to tick something or another.

tripwire lines extend for 40 blocks, so with a piston, a minecart, and some dust, you can make telephone pole-like system that carries redstone really quickly. :D

you’d think. It’s strange how it works, but that’s how it does it, and frankly, 0tick infinite length redstone line, I ain’t even mad.

did you ever use the bundled cables with computercraft? the colour system there used binary addition, subtraction, and logic operators to turn on or off certain colours in the cable. That’s why I know what I do, because I had my Gr10 programming teacher help me with the binary logic so I could use bundled cable, than just when I got good, (I can now do binary logic in my head and read binary and hexadecimal numbers up to 2048 without thinking), Redpower was discontinued. >:( 2 years later in Gr12 I’m still waiting for redpower, but it is now good and dead.

I haven’t played with the alternative mods or even much of ComputerCraft. I think Eloraam was talking on and off about re-starting a RP3 mod, but it’ll probably either get cancelled before or after that happens. I’ve also heard of a Blue Power to replace Red Power, which is largely community driven instead of controlled by Eloraam.

Those are some clever ideas XD I might steal those at some point when I have more time to mess with Minecraft.

They often nurff this type of stuff, even if accidentally when changing something else, much to my annoyance, and some of these things do not work on servers even with just the slightest bit of lag, imperceptible to the eye, but clear when minecrats get stuck floating.

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Also, I think I’d like to see that set up and screen-shotted. I can probably figure out how to do it, but with much more than 1 tick delay for the dust to tripwire conversion XD

It’s a boat because they are cheaper in survival, and you don’t need a repeater, so yes, any distance is instantaneous.


It’s been around since 1.6.4, and I’ve never had problem with it in servers, not even super-laggy ones.

PS: I have used it to create lag, and only then was it a problem, but, you know…

Infinite redstone… Cool :slight_smile:

I haven’t known redstone to function outside loaded chunks. I kinda wish it could at times, but instead I get frozen repeaters, etc. At least on Bukkit/Spigot servers.

I meant the 0tick pistons and the tripwire telephone poles. I have no clue about redstone in unoaded chunks. :|

Sorry, I misinterpreted that earlier, then sorted out what you were talking about, then forgot again this time and replied to it thinking I just forgot to reply to it earlier XD Brain hasn’t been on full throttle today. Got fuel for the generator earlier and almost took the fuel can inside with me.

Red stone does propagate thru unloaded chunks, but it will not keep chunks loaded and only solid state redstone works, so no pistons, dropers/hopers/dispensors etc.

Ah, I see what you mean. So the only way to really do that is maybe have some mechs to auto-start redstone when the chunk is reloaded. Maybe even in a neighbor chunk to get a headstart if that matters.