Region Purchase

Sorry my English. I`m Russian.

The essence of the thing. I want players to be able to rent/buy areas for various periods. Ideally:
If you put a sign and write this:

  1. [Rent]

After installation of such signs changes to the text:

  1. ===============
  2. ===============


  1. [rent]
  2. home1
  3. 100 / h (h - hour, m - month, y - year)
  4. My Home

\ / \ / \ / \ / \ /

  1. ===============
  2. My Home
  3. $100 / hour (month / year)
  4. ===============

If you click on the sign will open chest inventory called “Are you sure?” (Only with the right amount! If the amount is not, then just chat shows “You have not money!!!”)
In the chest inventory you can see:
1.Green Wool (preferably the ability to customize in the config) titled “Yes.” Obviously, if it pressed, the area is leased from the player’s account and this amount is deducted.
2.Red Wool (preferably config) titled “Cancel”. When it is pressed, the window just closes.

Once the lease is inserted instead of the price nickname tenant

  1. ===============
  2. My Home
  3. CayzerOK
  4. ===============

/ has - Information on renting regions. In the chat there is something like this:

Your apartment:
1.My Home - (the time until the next payment)

Obviously, the larger the shot regions, the more lines in the list.

If you click on rent-tenant sign player chat appears:

It remains to pay: (The time until the next payment)

Buying region:
as well as the rent, but is given to the region forever. If a player did not go 90 days (preferably setting in the configuration), the region of the meat put up for sale.
So, instead of [Rent] written [Sell].

It looks like this:

  1. [sell]
  2. home1
  3. 1000
  4. My home
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First you have to wait for a WG type plugin, which is in the works atm :stuck_out_tongue:

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Why specifically for WG? One could easily recreate a sort of LWC like plugin instead that has nothing to do with regions.

Core v2.0 supported regions , but calls them the “zone”


I looking for exactly this plugin if a developer can make this, it’s a very important plugins for my server please ! help me !

I have to concur this is something I could utilize as well.

I once did a similar plugin for bukkit (and just registered to tell you :D).
If it is what you are looking for i could take a look on how to transfer it to sponge.
Here it is: