Regional & Dimensional Inventories [Developer Found!]

Developer found!

Hello, I’m aware that there is already an existing plugin that has dimensional inventories but it seems that the github is completely gone and the author has not been active since 2019. I’m not sure if I want to use what seems to be an abandoned plugin.

What I Want:
I’d like a plugin that allows me to designate a region in which upon entering, the inventory is swapped to a “regional” inventory. Upon leaving this region, the player’s inventory swaps back to its original. To clarify some more, each region created to have its own inventory will have it’s own unique inventory and not an overall shared inventory. For instance, I do not want players only having one shared regional inventory every time they cross a region that swaps their inventory to a regional one. Let me know if you want more clarification on this.

I’d also like for this plugin to allow me to set dimensional inventories, which is self explanatory.

If it’s also possible to create a command (in which only users with a certain permission can use) to manually swap player’s inventory to any regional one and be able to manipulate it.

Regional inventories should be able to be named for organization and less confusion.

Regional inventories should include anything worn (armour, baubles, backpacks, etc.) or at least as much as it can.


I prefer a flat rate, but I can pay up to $20/hr. I also prefer to have bug fixes free of charge but I understand if there are some fixes that require a lot of time, that this may not be reasonable. We can talk about these terms if you pick up this project.

If you pick up this commission, please quote me the price and how long it will approximately take to be completed, as well as details such as bug fixes, etc.

My discord is: Captain#5329

I Have Sent a discord friend request to discus further.