Related to weapons

I can not find the plugin that is related to the weapon, maybe because my english is too poor or it does not exist. I think the plugins have functions that change [name] [lore] [nbt] [enchant] […] is needed for any server, so why does not any developer create it?

  • I’m a normal user who can not create a plugin.

Are you asking for a plugin that has commands that let you edit items as an OP?

/itemname <name> gives the item you are holding a name.
/itemlore <x> <lore> gives the item you are lore on line x.
/itemenchant <enchant> <level> gives the item you are holding an enchantment with a given level.

I’m not sure why you would want to edit the NBT directly, but I believe there are commands in Vanilla MC you can use to spawn items with raw NBT.

Also nucleus: search for item

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I know that things can be done in Vanilla MC. But what I want is that an advanced function.
ex: diamond_sword

Because RPG servers need these things. It will make the content of the game more attractive. And as far as I know most RPG servers need a plugin that functions like this. There are many plugins that have these functions in Spigot, but Sponge has not found it yet.