Release Date?

I was just wondering when will be the release date of sponge will be?

TBD. It is constantly being worked on, but there is no definite date of release.

Ten days longer now. Increases every time someone asks. :stuck_out_tongue:


haha very funny Ritzu lol :smile:

At the bottom there is info on the release date. Please read the announcements.

Riizu. R-I-I-Z-U.

Yes…thats something I’ve had to correct before.


Release Date not fixed , is an compliqued build…

1 PC Crash in a Beta Test

Read the announcement, and, if you don’t understand it read it again. If you can’t find anything that says “We’'ve released 1.8 and here is the server .jar files” then wait for 2 weeks before you ask again. Like Riizu said above, every time you ask you push the release date out longer.

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The date in the announcement is not solid. It’s merely a target.

There should be dislike buttons for posts like this. I just don’t understand how this has 11 likes.

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The likes weren’t to the threads creator.
13 went to Riizu, and 1 went to you.
But I agree completely. Dislike buttons are needed…

I want this thread closed, as it is wasting members time, as well as staffs… I am going to request somebody to close it :stuck_out_tongue:

I see. Thank you for explaining that. I was wondering what kind of person would like a post like this.

Glad to have helped :smile:
Still looking for a staff member to close this thread :open_mouth:

Also. I know I should probably merge this with another comment but the Status update said that the first release may well be quite helpless but it can be in a useable state:

“Truthfully, we don’t know yet. Once we are able to go through all the portions of the API that should be added (from the previously mentioned spreadsheet), we’ll have a good clue of when we may be able to make our first release.
The first release won’t be able to do everything. It won’t be able to make you toast. However, we plan to have it in a usable state.
We rather not take more than one month to get the first release out. The sooner, the better.”

You can find a link to the thread here: Status update - 16 September, 2014

simply wait for it
and here ist just more informtion if youre interested in

I don’t expect a response, but it would be cool to know if the Devs are happy with the progress being made on the project so far. :^)

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this could be interesting if the devs are happy with the progress @sk89q

Core developers? I think generally the opinion is it will get done when it gets done.

Personally I’ve been really busy this week so I haven’t been able to do as much as I was hoping as quickly.

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And we all know how software target release days work. It’ll be out when it’s out. lol

Good Opinion :smiley: