[Release] PlotSquared - Grief Protection | Multi-World Management | World Generators | Survival + Creative

Nope. I’m not… :wink:

  • You currently have an rather old Sponge build + Plotsquared with minor bugs

i suggested waiting for:

  • a new build which supports latest Sponge AND hopefully fixes minor bugs that annoy you

Hopefully it’s more clear now…

Currently using the version we are testing in irc chat. Just because some of these may seem old doesnt mean they wont work. Stuff is working fine but you were saying they weren’t, which was random.

Hi there,
your plugin is new but already better than PlotMe. :stuck_out_tongue:
I have a suggestion you should add the feature if a player buy 2 of the plots next to it they will connect into one (the road in between gets removed). This feature was never working in PlotMe

That’s already possible with normal plot worlds. You just enable auto merging in the settings.yml. For augmented worlds, the plots can merge, however the terrain will not be removed. I’m working on fixing that in the sponge version.

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Truncated? What is that?

Any chance we could get the border displayed in a quick update? (border of ones claim so you dont build out of your claim.

I fixed the greeting/farewell flag. I haven’t had time for the virtual border yet. I did however get WorldEdit working with it, if that interests you. (probably not)

Is this updated for .591 and below or .592 and above? If its .592 and above it will break all the other plugins.

./plot info is bugged
sometimes it registers, then when you go back over the same block it says unclaimed

Is there a way I can make it so people can use certain things and not others.
It requires : plots.admin.interact.other the only issue with this however is it gives people access to opening other peoples chests (in claimed area)

Question, any help appreciated.

The recommended sponge version and plotsquare version listed above ^
Sponge 1499 Dev 591
PlotSquared v3.1.4
Forge 1450

A vanilla sponge server started up and run successfully > saved > stopped server > dropped the plots squared recommended version in the mods folder > ran server > crash occurred.


Unsupported major.minor version 51.0

-> Java 1.8

Yes, that’s correct. Apple seems to use Java 6 even if Java 8 is installed. @Moo please upgrade to Java 8 and run the Server with it! :wink:

Operating System: Mac OS X (x86_64) version 10.10.5
Java Version: 1.6.0_65, Apple Inc.
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The plugin work for you ? I use last version of the plugin and sponge 621 and the plugin didnt work :3
Thanks for the anwser^^

I don’t think this works with Sponge 592+. @Empire92 has to update to the new event system, if i’m not mistakten.
Try with Sponge 591, it should work there.

This plugin is good but Sponge-643 can not use this plugin, update!

Why is there still a typo in the title?

Excited for this to update to the new event system. :slight_smile:

Updated most things. Still waiting on a lot of functionality to be implemented in sponge.

Notable changes:


Let us know what you need so we can get it implemented for ya.

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Since you asked:

  • Get a world generator by name (currently it’s required to register the generator)
  • get an itemstack from a blockstate
  • save a world / disable world saving / unload chunks without saving
  • set player time, weather, block changes
  • call custom events (currently throws a stacktrace: http://hastebin.com/ifufomaxet.avrasm)
  • can’t cancel chunk loading / unloading / generation
  • regenerate/copy/swap a region (or chunk)
  • economy api
  • set a player’s permission
  • finish causes (some events still have empty causes e.g. mob spawning - I just need to know if an egg is being used)
  • get / modify offline player data
  • get blockstate from id, data (magic numbers); working with schematics
  • check if a block is solid
  • set a block without physics http://hastebin.com/gulofeqijo.avrasm
  • set a block without lighting updates (or some faster way, as single block changes are extremely slow for what I am doing)
    • currently takes a day to clear a 1024x1024 plot (~30s for bukkit vers). Also having one person explore an augmented world with fly makes the server unplayable (~20K block changes per chunk). Other use cases for faster block changes are: schematic pasting, plot component setting, plot copying / moving / swapping, async worldedit
    • I can resort to using nms if necessary.

I mostly ported this as I wanted to beat PlotMe to a release on sponge. Given that PlotMe has been discontinued, I’m not in any rush to finish this.

Turns out you can cast a lot of stuff to NMS. So I’ll be doing that for anything the API hasn’t implemented yet.

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