[Release] VirtualTool


So this is now fully functional?


Yes it is and you can check it out on pocketpixels servers


Hello David,
We’re having a little problem with this plugin on the server. Some players backpacks are getting randomly locked.


Well I know about that problem and I am trying to fix that along few other things


Yeah, how does it suddenly lock?


either it fails on deleting the lock file or an error with backpack but I am working on it to fix it and every changes I make its first tested in pocketpixel servers and then I put it online so just wait I will fix it


I believe it might be related to the items in it? There’s some nbt data error that pops up when it locks itself the first time. Maybe it doesn’t play well with items from mods?


Well submit the error in my repo with logs if you see a error


Everytime I do /sponge plugins reload your plugin crashes my server.


I am aware of the problem i will fix it i am just doing few things before i update the plugin sorry for the delay


Well guys i made the fix and pushed with some other changes and i tested the plugin in my own local server everything was fine if there was any error let me know and once more sorry for delay


Are you still maintaining this?


Request removal to www.mcbbs.net


yah just pretty busy these days


@Nshen what are you asking?


Would I like to share http://www.mcbbs.net/?


@poqdavid I believe NShen is asking for your permission to link (and potentially rehost a translated?(not sure about this part)) Copy of your plugin on mcbbs. mcbbs rules (to my knowledge) state they need permission (I believe regardless of license) in order to do so.


Well as long as they mention i am the the dev of the plugin its fine with me


Please update to API 7.


I will but i am thinking to make things better on the plugin so might take a while sorry for the delay