Remove Google-Translated Docs

Please remove any Google-Translated Sponge Docs. They just seem to be so hard to read and disrespect the target language.

No Docs are translated via Google, as far as I’m aware. A lot of hard work, via the contribution of many people, has been put into these translations.

As far as I know, all translations are being done by hand by people, if it’s been machine translated it’s likely because someone offered to translate the documents and ran it through google translate…

If you want to help out, you can always help submit translations on

Of course, the real problem with what @ryantheleach has proposed, is that if we had people who were truly capable of translating the Docs in a language which someone falsely ran through Google, they wouldn’t have been translated through Google.

Unfortunately, we are not omni-linguists. However, also as @ryantheleach suggested, if you can tell a certain language has been falsely translated through your own ability to write in the language, we’d appreciate all the help you can give.

Keep in mind, of course, that if you do not wish to help, a badly translated Doc is better than no Doc existing for that language at all.


Can you tell what language you’re referring to exactly?


It does not surprise me that we have a few poorly translated documents, possibly done via Google Translate. As FerusGrim points out, it’s better than nothing at all. SpongeDocs does discourage the use of automated translations - we could do that ourselves, and get an equally shonky result. However, none of us are sufficiently proficient polyglots to analyse all the translations and see if they are suitable. We have to place at least some trust in our translation teams.

If you do encounter badly-translated pages in SpongeDocs, our recommendation is to offer a better translation - at least you know what’s wrong, and how to set it right. Failing that, please report the issue with some details (which page, what’s wrong with it) so we can correct the problem.


The one and the only one that I saw was Simplified Chinese.

It surprised me when I saw Simplified Chinese available. I was curious and decided to take a look at it, they are just terrible.

Feel free to submit your own translations. :smile:

I think you’d better keep it. Some might be helpful when translating. Most people just read the doc in English.

I’m a traductor, and I want to translate the docs from English to French. And I don’t know how to do that.
Can you help me please ? I want just the steps, and thank you.

To begin with, you could introduce yourself in the French Translations thread in the Docs SubForum here.

The basic steps are:

  1. Look at the SpongeDocs and see what you’re getting yourself into. :wink:
  2. Sign up at Crowdin :smiley:
  3. Navigate to the French translations, and start translating! :ok_hand:

Crowdin has many helpful pages, and our Docs Style Guide is also an important reference. I hope that helps.

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