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So, question, why exactly do we need one site when there is already respective sites for each of these things? Plus, you’re restricting what people can do DRM wise, so you’re restraining people’s freedom, and your only selling point is that you’re just making it into a big soup.

I’m not trying to hate on the idea, I just don’t see this becoming popular because there really isn’t much being offered other than hey look another plugin repository. If anything, this will make it more frustrating for server owners to find up to date plugins.

Well, for one enforcing a policy on what DRM can do rather than just reviewing the plugins yourself isn’t really a good defense for such a restraining system.

And no, another place to find plugins won’t make it easier, it just complicates the process. You have to figure out who has what where rather than go to the dedicated website for the server platform or mod API

It’s not what I think, it’s just how stuff works.



paying for non-private plugins


It’s no different than any other major sites do things (i.e. SpigotMC, MC-Market).

That doesn’t mean people like the practices.

Correction. You don’t. Not everyone is the same…

Thats what i’m trying to tell you here.

i understand if someone uses eg paypal for donations.
I understand if someone pays for private schematics/maps/plugins.

I dont understand why would anybody bought a non-private plugin/map/schematic.

Most of plugins i’ve seen on spigots premium resources are

  • ripoff of some popular minigame you can play on some famous minigame server

    • You are paying for a poor copy, which already has some other more popular server…does not make sense to me
  • not worth the money which developer wants you to pay for “license”

  • The thing what is hilarious on spigot forum is that very often a developer who has a release in the premium resource section asks a very basic question about java in developer-section forum

And with a large amount of already existing plugins for bukkit platform im pretty sure if you use the search button you can find a similar plugin, which is sometimes even better, than a so called “premium resource”.


This is exactly my point. @Jaryn-R Correction, I personally like it when people are able to sell their creations, but your DRM enforcement system isn’t protecting anyone.

Ok, then we remove the DRM system. You missed my point way earlier, that if you have a suggestion, suggest it. And thing will be changed.

How about changing your icons/logo? It looks like a jetbrains product. Same design/font.

I quite like the logos, they were inspired by JetBrains, and Aurelia logos, but were not in the market to be changing them anytime soon.

First of all, there’s no point in a unified marketplace. Maybe for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper, but not for Sponge, as they are completely separate systems, completely separate APIs, completely separate skill sets, completely separate designs, completely separate plugins, and just generally completely separate. Ergo, you would almost never be looking for them at the same time, and thus neither the developer nor the consumer would benefit from this in any way. Communities also don’t need to be unified; part of the point of Sponge in the first place was to split away from a toxicifying community.
Second, paid public plugins is a legal gray area since it’s unclear whether they count as Minecraft mods, and paid public Minecraft mods is expressly against Da Rulez.
Third, your external marketplace needs to be externally moderated, and heavily, to prevent mod copies from being reposted. Otherwise you may find yourself blacklisted by StopModReposts. Being apologetic/up-front about long wait times doesn’t make it more attractive either, it just reinforces the haphazard feeling.
Fourth, the above XKCD is completely true. Additional marketplaces complicate matters, and moreover aren’t going to be adopted as widely as the official one meaning it’ll end up being useless as a general search anyway, and increases the number of places users need to look (as opposed to are able to look).
Fifth, [quote=“Jaryn-R, post:1, topic:17641”]
to work together
How? If you’re going to implement separate-standard developer forums too, then I suppose I’m checking in my sanity at the gate.
Sixth,[quote=“Jaryn-R, post:1, topic:17641”]
all users with the title “Member” are able to post any file as paid, without going though a bunch of requirements
Not only does this provide temptation to charge for it one day, but exacerbates the potential for abuse. How does one get this “Member” flag? How easy is it?

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