Removed Mod

I removed these mods:

Road Mod 2.1
Papertazer Base Mod-1.1 (Coremod)

I have tried re-installing forge, even used NBTExplorer to remove the mod from the map, I still receive this message.

When I restarted the server, I still received the same message.

I am not sure how to remove this mod properly without it showing.

Pretty sure this can be ignored. It’s just stating that the blocks those mods added to the game don’t exist anymore and will be removed from the world. I think it goes away after a while

It has errors after it has started up.

Even when I restart the server, it does the same thing.

Backup the world, then type /fml confirm when prompted. It should not ask again next time.

It backups the world, but it does the same thing again.