Renaming custom data manipulator


I have renamed one of my custom data manipulators(only the java file and the class itself). The keys stayed the same. After starting a test server with the renamed data Sponge is complaining(ClassNotFoundException) because the old class can’t be found.
I thought this wouldn’t be a problem because there are the keys. I thought the keys are the important thing about data(identification of the manipulators).
What if I were to change the key names?

The keys identify the points at which the manipulators can be changed. However, the class is what’s serialized to NBT.

Feel free to PR a better way if you can think of one.

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I think @gabizou was going to make a string ID registry for data manipulators so it doesn’t rely on class names.

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Good idea. Hell, while we’re cataloging Keys, maybe make DataManipulators catalog types as well.

This PR will solve this issue: