Reputation (RATE PLAYERS)

Hello Sponge users/dev o/ :smiley: ,

I have a really cool idea in a plugin where you can rate people and see there reputation based on opinions by other players, they also have a point system to show how much negative and positive points they have. It would also show them when the rep was placed, total points, and separate positive and negative points

usage: /(rep)utation negative/positive (player name (comment)

view reputation: /rep (player name)

remove reputation: /rep remove (player name)

admin usage: /arep remove (player) (player who commented)

for example, this is my reputation on a server:

Seems easy enough. If no one else makes it ill be happy to. If i have time.

(Ill have time during mid December - if i find some before ill make it then)

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Thank you! I appreciate it :smiley:

I actually had a little time today and managed to make and test the plugin. I just need to add a few info files into the plugin to stop a few warnings from coming up saying β€œthis is fine for testing” but i sadly ran out of time. I should have 4 min later today to add those files and upload the plugin to ore. Ill send a link when i can.

Some of the context is a little different to what you wanted, but its small things like to view the players respect you had it β€œ/rep < player >” while in mine it is β€œ/rep view [player]” (by not specifying a player, it will view your own)


Thank you very much! I really appreciate that you took time out of your day for you to make this! :smiley: