[REQ] Casino Plugin

The ability to use Blackjack tables and Slot Machines.

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Seeking someone can create this >_>

Not really a priority I’d want for my server but it’s a nice idea. Not sure how this can be possible with sponge though

It was a cornerstone to all server that use any type of economy. I kept players from just stockpiling to in-game money into limitless amounts, never having a real reason to spend. Pokémon auctions has helped some, but a casino would be amazing.

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Hi Quakethorn.

I totally agree on the eco thing. My apologize on hi jacking the thread. I’d be looking for just the one armed bandit myself for the server. Payouts/Poke items/ and use voting/npc’s to get special gold ingots or coins to play the machines or in-game money. :sweat_smile:

No need for apology, with enough interest, I’m sure someone will do this.

Still Waiting…

Is it me or does no one want to take on this request?

The visual part of the plugin seems complicated

If it means that you will stop asking for people to take on this request, then I’ll take on the request.
This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages now, however I haven’t had much time to take it on. I’ve mostly got caught up in other things before I could get too far with the idea. That said, I won’t make any promises that it’ll be done quickly, or even finished at all. But I’ll definitely bump it a bit higher on the priority list.

Thank you for your help 12AwsomeMan34 any movement in this plugin would be greatly appreciated. If you could, I’m looking for something like the 1 armed bandit that we give out rewards (*pixelmon items) please and be 1.8.9 sponge compatible.

Thank you once again :smiley:

You have earned your name, Awesome Man :smiley:

Status Update, 12AwsomeMan34?

It’s only been ~three days, you’re going to need to give it more time than that.
Nevertheless, progress has been going smoothly. It’s already up on GitHub under the name XtraCasino. A good portion of the back-end has already been handled in terms of how slot machines are created, removed, serialized, etc. Right now I’m working on the more front-ended part of the plugin (the physical slot machine in the world, the sign to use it, etc).
The slot machine in the physical world will end up being just a block with a sign to use the machine as I’m waiting for schematics to be pulled into the API to allow cool and even custom designs to be easily placed throughout the world. Despite it just being a sign on a block, of course you can change the blocks around it to make your own designs until schematics are in.
After I get the physical slot machine in the world completed, I’ll get around to the calculations for how exactly a player ‘wins’, in a sense. Haven’t thought this far yet though so I cannot say much about it.

I noticed in the source that it will require XtraCore. Got a link to its source as well?

XtraCore is automatically shaded in when you build the jar, so you wouldn’t have to install it as a plugin on your server. The source is here anyway.

On that subject, that functionality is likely to change for two reasons:

  1. If two plugins on a server both used XtraCore, then that’s wasted space.

  2. With plugins shading XtraCore in, it prevents any advanced inter-plugin communication off the back of XtraCore. What I mean by this is, if one plugin wanted to get a specific command of another (say, it’s an extension of a particular plugin), it would be rather messy to attempt to access that specific plugin and then retrieve its commands. If XtraCore was made into a plugin however, other plugins could attempt to access a more centralized ‘system’ based within XtraCore to retrieve other plugins commands.

For example, current system:
Plugin A depends on Plugin B. Plugin A wants to access Command A from Plugin B. Plugin B needs to provide methods for accessing its own XtraCore internals, which can get rather messy, as there is no central ‘plugin container’ pertaining to a specific plugin.
Planned system:
Plugin A depends on Plugin B, Plugin A wants to access Command A from Plugin B. Plugin A either requests for the Command A’s class on a global command registry, or accesses XtraCore’s own ‘plugin container’ for Plugin B, and uses that to fetch Command A.

The flaws of the current system particularly became apparent to me when I was adding this. Basically what that does, is it allows you to run any special code (specified within a ‘run’ method) before basic command initialization, before a command is executed, or after a command is executed (note that this will obviously only work on other XtraCore plugins that use the default CommandBase, or implement this functionality in their own CommandBase handling). The idea sprang up, ‘what if you could use this execution on other plugins?’
The original intention of CommandRunnable was to execute code across a number of different commands without implementing that in every single one of them (as shown in this commit). However there can be significant advantages to executing code on other XtraCore dependent plugins.
So with a newer, more centralized system, you would be able to specify that a particular CommandRunnable would be executed on all of Plugin B’s commands, or specific commands, since you may access Plugin B’s ‘plugin container’ through XtraCore itself.

Sorry for ranting on a bit about some upcoming design specifics of XtraCore, but XtraCore is a fundamental part of XtraCasino and will likely influence its outcome.

:smiley: I’m liking what I’m seeing so far

Will this run off of if a player wins X command(s) will be ran at a % chance, or will it be X item(s) will be given to the player. If possible I would like to see it have the ability to have custom commands for things like giving out pixelmon, or giving the player more claim blocks. It would add a nice way to spend your money on a server.

Edit:I just read your msg above and I’m not sure if this is what you were talking about or not. xD

At the moment, it’s currently going to reward money if a player wins (you specify how much). This is likely going to change in the future though as development progresses on so that there is a percent change of winning n number of currency (would require an economy plugin), or a percent change of winning n quantity of x items, or perhaps even running x command.