[Req] command when clicked on item

can someone make a plugin where we can set any command on a paper so i can put random shiny in a loot crate and strange currency

random shiny from pixelmon

Shameless self-plug but try this, just released today! :grin:

can i make the book a 1 time use

From the plugin description:


it doesnt work on my server

How so? Error messages? Logs? Console Output?

console just wont start up after install and i cleared the logs after the i rolled my server back

What version of Sponge are you running?


Ah, CommandBooks is for API 5.0 (1.10.2) not API 4.0 (1.8.9).

honestly i need something that works similar to commandsigns but can be ran by the consoleā€¦ commandsigns plugin developer seems inactive :confused: