[Req] RP Plugins! Rolls, Character Cards, Chat Emote system?

– Hey, I’m wondering if theres anybody out there who’d like to code/port over some Roleplay Essentials stuff, or just stuff pretty important for RP?
I’ve been checking Sponge occasionally and searching if anybody has put these sorta plugins up for my server, but no luck! So I’ve come to finally post a request on the forums! :3
IF there is already plugins like these, please point me towards them, and I’d love you forever!

Roleplay Essentials had some very important, and nifty features for a RP servers, but specifically I am looking for three functions!

  • 1. A rolling system! - /roll , /roll 1d20 , /roll 1d20 +4 – etc

It is what it says on the tin, a random number generator! Ideally I’d like some customization with it, from how many ‘dice’ or numbers you generate, out of a custom number you select. Such as: 3d100 - BUT! 1d20s are the common thing used, and just having that would be so good.
It would also be neat if you could add modifiers, such as +3 or -3 , but not overly needed since you can, of course, do the math in your head!

  • 2. Character Cards -/card, /char, /char create, /char name (name) – etc

This one is basically a feature that lets you set a description for yourself, and read other’s descriptions! It’s a common, and important feature of a RP server! If you’ve never used a plugin like this before it works like this:
You can set different fields for yourself such as: Name, Age, Gender, Race,Extra, and then a paragraph Description! Some things also have fields for Height, Weight, and Bodytype! Some instances also have a even longer option for a description, that doesn’t show up on quick glances, but if you specify looking for it.

Once you set the info for yourself, someone can then see it it by right clicking your, hovering their mouse over your name in chat, or writing a command like… /char read (username) – or something to that nature!

Some plugins I’ve seen with this also have the ability for multiple cards, which is handy!

  • 3. Emote System -/rpchat toggle – or something like that-- etc

A wonderful feature that I miss is that the chat would automatically give color to the chat, separating emotes from dialogue. Example: " Hello, this is an example! " said Rosy.
The chat would convert text not in the quotation marks, into a color! It makes chat much easier to read, especially when a lot of going on.

There is some systems that let you choose what color you want the emotes to use, and some that limit what colors can be picked - avoiding eye bleeding colors. There is also an option to toggle it off!
Packaged with the plugin is usually an emote feature, where you can do like: *types at her keyboard. and it’d appear like: (Username) types at her keyboard.
Which would be a bit like using /me but locally for the chat - aka it would remove the : colon in text, and make things smoother to read.

There are other things such as chairs, or alcohol, but since mods can replace those easily, these are the most important plugins I’m looking for! If anybody could make these, I’d be happy to provide any other info needed, such as stuff like permissions details, testing, or whatever! It would be a big help for me, and anybody else looking to make or port over their RP server, thank you, and goodluck!

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