[REQ] Streaming

I’m not sure if this is the right place to request this but here goes:

I was wondering if it would be possible to add a feature into sponge to allow music streaming for radios like Hive365 and for servers to have there own radios, maybe have songs play in areas without having to download a custom resource pack (bit like Wynncraft)

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This should be added by a plugin, you might even consider writing it yourself.


What i was wondering was if Sponge will have support for this, as bukkit did not

Sponge is an api, or coremod, it will run in the background and does not have any user-visible features. all the features will be background for plugin devs.

Ah, okay thanks for explaining this to me :slight_smile:

FYI if you want more infos; may I direct you here:

Explains this in grate detail.

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One last thing, say i run a ‘SpongeServer’ will you need the sponge mod to join that server?

I’m pretty sure that Wynncraft is not sending music to the client to play, just playing music server side.

They make you download a resource pack and they have a custom plugin that can play the disc from the resource pack

Again, let me direct you here …

tl;dr: nope, but you can it you want to run multyplayer plugins on single player.

Dragon’s Radio mod if you run a forge server.

There’s no way that you could get music to play in-game without a client mod, other than songs made entirely of noteblock sounds or possibly other sounds in minecraft, or just C418 disc songs. You could simply require users to download a resource pack with custom music, however, that would mean you would be fairly limited with the kind of music you could play to players, it would not really be an authentic “Radio” type of experience because you’re limited to just a few songs with resource packs.

One thing I recommend… Just set up a plug.dj for your server. It’s a cool little website :blush: