[REQ] Will there be Particle Effects like CLOUD and something?

I know its very early that i ask this, but will it there be? Would be cool :smile:

have a nice day everyone

Most likely, although this will be quite a while into the future :wink:

yay :smiley:

What do you mean by “particle effects like cloud”? particle effects are client rendered. the server merely sends the client which particles to use and where to display them the server cannot create new particle styles as far as I know

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yep maybe a function to make the server send some packets :s

Particle effects? Yes. A cloud? No, that’s not a particle effect, that’s a client-only thing.

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Clouds are client side (as said before) that is why you can toggle them on and off in your client :slight_smile:

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I remember at a moment they were server side … i think correct me if i’m wrong = )
Btw: 1.9 Will have a new rendering cloud system

say w0oooo00000t

If you mean particles in the same way as the /particle command in 1.8, then they’ll probably have an API to send particle effects to players, but not necessarily “cloud”-like particles. They’d be restricted to the particles provided by the server, such as these, although they may be able to allow particles added by mods as well, although I can’t say for sure how possible that is.

As for actual clouds, then no. As others have mentioned, those are client side only.

Wrong. You think of the wrong cloud.
There is a particle effect called “cloud” and it renders on mob/animal deaths.

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Hey… there is. Good catch. But did the OP intend that specific uncommon effect name or did he mean literal clouds…

He meant the cloud effect…
Also, I think the name is pretty common, as I for instance, use it combined with command blocks and clocks to create smoke over chimneys. :wink: