[Request] Block certain commands, in a specific area

Hello, I am requesting a simple plugin that will deny users, whom will normally have access to a command, be rejected while inside a specific area.

Before I came to sponge I used world guard’s flag system to flag theses commands, however, I could not find any plugin currently, that offers me to do this.

Uses for such a plugin?
I am hosting a pixelmon server, we offer something called a safari zone, based off the games. Users pay a fee and are allowed to be warped inside. However, I do not want my players to be able to do /sethome, /tpahere, and /tpaccept while in the area.

Another example is when a player enters the Elite4. In my server there is a command to heal your pokemon to full health, however, when my players are inside this area, it is a key criteria that they can not heal between rounds, such I need to block this command.

I have seen many plugins try to implement a world guard like system. Yet all of them lack this functionality.

If you can create a plugin, I would just list some of the stuff, said plugin will need to have.
1.) A way to select an area (like world edit)
2.) A way to apply said area, a certain “flag”, or command to block users from doing a command. Example:
/block /tpaccept /heal /back /sethome
3.) Make sure it is compatible with 1.8.9
4.) Make sure OP’ed users can still do the commands.

Thanks for the help, if I missed a plugin that did what I suggest, a link to it would be appreciated.

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🛡 [Anti-Grief|General Protection] RedProtect Universal (All APIs Compatible) lol this post has been up for a day but this works

is way better for blocking commands within claims

/cf command-execute nucleus:fly false

nucleus:fly is the plugin name:command