Request docs


Can we have official documentation about Sponge and Bungee for developers?

Thx you


Well, is the official sponge docs. Are you asking for like, sponge bungeecord docs?


I found any doc about bungeecord and sponge. I want to create some puglin who comunicate with bungeecoord


Well, Bungee uses a plugin message API which they have clearly defined. Sponge would not contain documentation for features of third-party software’s components. And I personally think that the package’s Javadocs are more than adequate for both general and edge use. Alternatively, if you don’t want to work with plugin messages directly, you can use my library BungeeLib.


As a general rule, SpongeDocs do not incorporate documentation of third-party software; we would greatly prefer to link to their own documentation. Only in a few rare cases are we willing to reproduce third-party data (eg Minecraft Commands), primarily because they are critical to Sponge’s function and so we can conveniently provide translated pages.
Please see SpongeDocs Style Guide - specifically rule 6.