"Request Entity Too Large" on plugin upload

When trying to upload Nucleus after successfully adding my signature file, I get the standard nginx error message “413 Request Entity Too Large”, which I suspect is because Nucleus is (currently) 3.01MB - this is due to its shaded dependencies, unfortunately. Is it possible to increase the request size on Ore so I can upload it?


Server Defender is almost 50mb due to the Geolite DB bundled with it, so this definitely is too small.

@codeHusky Get your plugin to download the database, don’t bundle it - that’s what I do. That way, you get the most up to date version. I would argue bundling the Geolite databases is not something you actually want to be doing when you can get it freely via the internet.

Note that Nucleus is 3MB because it includes the GeoIP DB API and Jackson libraries, so you’d probably still suffer the same problem, but 50MB is excessive when you could get your plugin to download it separately.


Of course, yeah. I’ll consider switching up my retreival stuff but yeah I do suffer the same problems from the APIs.

I don’t actually know how large JVM language runtimes get, but I feel like they can be more than 3MB. Perhaps the limit should be raised if only for that reason.

This should not be happening. The limit is set to 20MB. I was able to submit Nucleus on my local instance. @dualspiral are you still experiencing this?

Yeah, I am. It shows me the standard nginx 413 page after I click the green “upload” icon after uploading the signature.

@dualspiral Can you try again? You should be able to upload files up to 20MB now.

@windy I’ll have to try tomorrow, because I’m away tonight and don’t have my PGP key on this computer yet. I’ll let you know as soon as I get chance, though.

@windy It’s working now. Thank you for the help! It doesn’t seem to have appeared on the forums yet, but I assume that’ll take some time.