[REQUEST] Plugin Devs for port a Forge Plugin [15$]

Hi! I wish that someone port me this great plugin for Sponge:

I use SpongeForge 1.12.2

Couple of clarifying questions:

  1. Is the goal to make something similar to this but where it runs entirely independent of it? (As in, would you want the audio server to run via theirs or be totally separate)
  2. Is the goal to turn this into a server and client side mod so that you don’t get the browser open, Or you just want an exact copy of the plugin that runs on Sponge?
  3. looking through their code repo It does not appear that they actually have their code licensed as free to use/reuse, which means it is not technically legal to just port their code over. You’ll either need to get permission from them, or the code base will need to be drastically changed to be not the same

My intention is to make a simple script about playing music trought link (like youtube etc) and everyone in a range can hear that music.(i use SpongeForge to run a server with mods)
Like, i select a block (where the block tell me where the radius start) and then hit /play (link youtube music) (radius) and everyone in that radius hear that music without open the web browser or something like a jukebox but instead of putting a disc you put a URL

  1. Exactly , my goal is something in game and without playing music via browser (or atleast an internal browser inside the game )

I mean, that plugin seems to be the only one or atleast one similiar that do it, i already asked (right now as you mentioned) and i didnt got the permission unfortunely but im interested just at playing music for everyone

They told me i should write the integration for sponge and make a request on github to add it to the plugin.