[Request] Port of Terrain Control

Hello there,

first post in this forum and that’s a plugin request … bad sign? :slight_smile:

I worked quiet some time with one Mod / Plugin named Terrain Control.

This Mod / Plugin would be, in my opinion, a killer mod for sponge, because the possible world generations are limitless.

Here is a link to the bukkit forum with some extra nice examples, who the minecraft world could look: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/terrain-control/

Source Code is freely available via GitHub - MCTCP/TerrainControl: Minecraft Terrain Generator for SpigotMC and Forge

If I got that right, then this would be the folder “platforms” , that must be changed. But my java knowledge is far to low.

For completness :slight_smile: here are some pictures:

Thanks for reading this

Michael (aka BakermanLP)

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Last time I tried, the Forge version of TerrainControl played nicely with SpongeForge for 1.8.9. You can get the latest builds from the TerrainControl Jenkins. I haven’t tried it with the 1.10.2 Sponge builds, as they’re still in bleeding, but we could always use feedback if you feel like giving it a test.

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Latest Dev Builds won’t work with Forge versions 1.9.4 and above. That’s my problem. Also this could also be a bool Bukkit plugin, that is ported to Sponge … But that are only my two cents :slight_smile:

That’s unfortunate. We’ll have to wait until they update to more recent versions of Forge then, unless you can muster enough dev horsepower to create a Sponge fork. The TerrainControl devs have said in the past that they aren’t keen on maintaining three versions, and it is one monster of a mod. I’d absolutely love to see that happen, so if there are any crazy coders looking for a challenge, step on up :slight_smile:

BTW … the Spigot / Bukkit plugin is for MC 1.10.x