Request username change

I’d like to have my username changed to (redacted).
I would preferably like this changed system wide, including on Ore.
This is because my current username is not reflected anywhere else online.

Thanks in advance.

Have you interacted with ore at all? Posted a common on a plugin? Uploaded a plugin? Etc?

I have posted a plugin that has not yet been approved. I am fine having to relist the plugin if needed to complete this username change.

I personally dont have the ability to change your name. However I do know that back in the days of ore 1, if you had interacted with ore at all then changing the username cause issues. Im not sure if ore 2 fixed these issues or not.

If the issues have not been fixed then because you have interacted with ore then you wont be able to change your name without causing issues. But like I said, not sure about ore 2.

To whom it may concern
Please disregard this post, I am creating a new account with the new username, thank you

I will lock this post as resolved.

Can I ask people to refrain from commenting on these sorts of posts who aren’t relavent staff in the future? Such comments can confuse and hinder the situation and you may not know whether or not our processes have changed. Please let relavent staff deal with such issues, thanks.

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