Requesting a few plugins

#1. A Custom “Tags” Plugin.
This would be a plugin that would allow players to earn or be given tags that they can switch between. So lets say I give player X the tags called “NOOB” and “TROLL” the player would then be able to change between the two whenever he/she likes with a command like /tags list (To see a list of the tags they have access to) or /tags set NOOB (To set their tag to the given tag name.)

#2. A Particle Trail Plugin.
As the title states it would just be a plugin that allows server owners to give a player access to particle trails. Maybe with commands like /trails or /trails list the player could see their available trails.

#3. A Hat/Player Head Plugin.
This plugin would allow server owners to set custom player/mob heads as hats, or set blocks in the game to be unlockable hats. This would be accomplished by allowing the server owner to set what hats they want to be available, and then add the perm for that hat to the player they want to give the hat to. Something like hats.access.HatName

I know these plugins are available for other things like bukkit or spigot, but I have yet to see these here on sponge. Plugins like these would give things for server owners to sell that don’t break the EULA agreement. I would be very thankful to anyone willing to take on these projects.



Do you mean the tags above their head?

I meant like a prefix tag, and yes I know pex and other things have prefixes but i want players to have the ability to switch between them on their own. Also if it could be added that would be cool to have them above their heads

The thing about tags above the head is that they require a number after them, since they’re achieved using scoreboards.

Bump. These plugins would be really nice for server owners to sell due to the EULA.

I’ll work on these.

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<3 Thanks a ton, the main one I am looking for is the particle one. Maybe something similar to minus the inventory GUI. And if you wouldn’t mind keeping me posted on progress that would be great. :stuck_out_tongue: