[Resolved] Google+ Page for "SpongePowered"

The user-base on Google+ may not be as staggering as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit, but it is a fairly used social network. However; the reason why I’m suggesting this is because I try to share my posts privately due to professional and business reasons. Not that I post inappropriate material, but I still don’t want my employers browsing my profile. Anyway, I digress. It would be much easier to share material with my Google+ if there was a SpongePowered Google+ page that I could add to my circles. This would allow the Google+ users of the community to share their stuff who may be in the same situation.

I know there’s more important issues to deal with than creating a social networking page but I thought it would be a nice addition.


EDIT: I would make the page myself but that may get in the way of any admins who wish to do it themselves. If given permission, I’ll do it. In fact, I’ll get on the IRC channel and ask around.

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You would think so, but networking is a crucial part to this project. It was how it was founded initially, and the strength of the community well rely on how easy it is to ‘stay in touch’ especially early on. I am sure we will see more and more social options for sponge as everyone gets around to it, I do believe they have people that are focusing on just the portion.

Good suggestion overall :).

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I understand. I just thought that suggesting such a tedious… suggestion, for lack of a better word, when there are other things that require concentration such as the issue tracker they’re working on. Which, if memory serves correctly, would sort out suggestions…

But regardless, thank you very much for your response and supporting my thought.


Personally I very much prefer having one central place to communicate, post, and get up-to-date on things. Twitter is convenient because important posts could be linked in a tweet, but in the end you’re navigating back to the central point.

But you can link all those together. What is convenient for you may not be for some one else. You can have a simple service that posts to all available social networks and then just links back to here, or whatever appropriate area, the central point is still there, just the roads to get that point can be different.

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I’ve been sitting here for about five minutes trying to find the right way to word this without sounding sarcastic and/or arrogant but to no avail, I cannot. Please read the following knowing that my intention is kind-hearted. Lol.

I think that’s what the website is for. (See what I mean? Sounds rude.) But anyway, I just like to share some things I find via YouTube and/or when I upload images onto my Google+ Photos without having to get a URL, navigate to the SpongePowered forums, and share via a post which may or may not be suitable for such content. Having social network pages allow users to share content much more quickly and without hassle.

I just wanted to suggest Google+ specificly as to not let it be forgotten as it is not well-used as some of the other social networks.

But thank you for your feedback, wingz.


I couldn’t have said it better. I’m much too wordy. Thank you.


Here’s a Google+ page for everyone:

We will have to get a vanity URL once we get more followers.


Thank you so much! Will definitely use this a lot. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some sharing settings I must change from some of my previous Google+ posts.

EDIT: I forgot that Google+ doesn’t allow the editing of share settings after a post has been created. Nevertheless, I edited the posts and mentioned the page which should share the post with the page.

Thanks for making the page, just followed

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Added G+ forwards to the spmc.co domain. Now gp.spmc.co, plus.spmc.co, & gplus.spmc.co forward to Sponge’s Google+ page