[Resolved] Just some qualms with my account


So, uh… this is going to sound strange, but apparently back in 2014 when I made this account, I was going through a “pretend to be a guy on the internet” thing. I recently dug this old account back up after some discussion with “Inscrutable” on the Mcmmo discord server, and would like to have some stuff changed if that’s okay.

These are the requested changes:

  1. ~~My username, if possible I’d like for it to be changed to “Quavelen”.~~
  2. My real name, if possible again, I’d like for it to be corrected to “Flannery Lue Moore” and the fake one removed.
  3. My email, which I will happily verify in a private message if needed. I’d rather not list it publicly due to reasons such as random people sending me stuff. >.>

Edit1: So, uh… I happened to come across a way to change 2, and 3 on my own. Sorry about that. It wasn’t immediately obvious to me, as there wasn’t a direct link to it anywhere within my profile options. However, I do still need my account name changed.

Edit2: And thanks to @Inscrutable, my username is changed.