Restore area to certain point

when caulderon was still good i used to have a plugin that can restore an area from file to its original form
how it would work is that you save an area kind of like u save a schematic just set the points at the corners and then u can create arena break all of it and then in one command it will be fully restore to how it was before no matter where u are u just type something like /restore {name}
is there any plugin in sponge that can do it?

WorldEdit should be able to do it in 3 commands (set pos 1 and 2 and then spawn the schematic file you wish).

Sponge has native support for schematic files so it wouldnt be difficult to create a dedicated plugin if no other suggestions come up and world edit isnt cutting it

@Shahaf_Stossel, I know exactly what you mean. It’s the same plugin here on Sponge as it was in Cauldron: “CraftBook” (and you’ll also need WorldEdit for Sponge to be able to set the boundaries, which makes sense, as they’re both made by @sk89q )

With CraftBook and WorldEdit, you set position 1 and position 2 as you want, then type “/area save {name of your area;13 characters or less; use quotations if it has spaces}”, and now you’ve saved your area.

To toggle your new area, place a sign that has [Area] (yes, brackets are included, and they have to be the square ones) on the 2nd line, and the name of your area on the 3rd, and optionally 4th line(s). This sign is right-clickable, and also redstoneable; redstone states act like a lightswitch, toggling between lines 3 and 4 on the sign, so if you plan to have 2 areas saved in the same location on the same sign, use a lever, not a button. Note: leaving the 4th line blank sets the entire space of the area saved on line 3 to be empty when toggled.

Hope this answered your question. :slight_smile:

that exacly what i mean thank you!

@Shahaf_Stossel Not a problem. Glad I could help. :blush: