Riolu Realms - Pixelmon server 7.2.0 - 1.12.2. [keepInv ON] [Free VIP] [Tournaments]

Welcome to Riolu Realms!
We are a Pixelmon server offering many extras to make your experience amazing! Read below for more information.

Pixelmon Latest version :

Currently running on:

  • Pixelmon: Latest version (7.2.0)
  • Minecraft: Forge 1.12.2

What do Riolu Realms offer?

  • Survival Server/Towny
  • Pixelmon x Skyblock
  • Coming soon: Kanto Region gameplay!
  • Server with constant updates,
  • EN_US
  • Shiny Starters
  • Legendary and bosses spawns
  • Safari
  • Playtime Ranks
  • Gym-Cities
  • Pokehunt, Auctions and GTS!
  • And much more including a staff team that really cares about our community.

We are looking for:
• Youtubers
• Gym-leaders
• Helpers
For more info, contact Fallow on Discord.

Hey, don’t mean to be disruptive though I am not apart of any discord or any thing and was wondering when the server would be back online???

Thank you, Pretzel 55

Hey there!
Thanks for your reply!

The server is online on its new host:
You can also join our discord server! :

Hope to see you soon!

  • xx Fallow