Roleplay plugin collaborations

Hey guys,

consider this a bit of an introduction: My name’s Sam and right now I’m operating a small server community centered around Roleplay. Now one thing unique to RP communities is the need for very specific and specialized plugins to add immersion.

My community currently develops a few of our own plugins and we use a vast array of existing ones as well. If you operate a community, develop plugins, or are just curious to what’s available I’d like to make this thread a collaboration project. The point being so RP servers can have a suite of viable plugins to use as soon as Sponge is released.

So here would be a good start to list your communities and the plugins you use.

My Community


In-house plugins:

kDescribe: Pretty much a /me alternative.

kRoll: A dice rolling plugin.

kWalk: Let’s you toggle between a walking and running default speed.

Core RP plugins:

Herochat, Townships, Brewery, LoreLocks, Lores, EndlessEnchant, MagicSpells, iDisguise, DispNameChanger, DeepVanish, Shelfit, Multiverse-Core, VoidGenerator, Shopkeepers

Next step…

My goal is to list common plugins and then – assuming they’re not being updated – hunt down the developers and make sure that a core suite of RP plugins is available by first release.

Some are working on a list of plugins that people want ported and/or aim to port to sponge, check out this thread:

I believe the purpose of this thread is to make sure a list of role playing plugins are available, along with them being updated. Not every plugin in existence.

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Regardless, I’m sure the list can help the OP identify if the plugins he’s interested in already have plans for being ported.

I do believe you meant

Quite that but it is helpful.

Somehow I’d like to see someone code a Gordon Ramsay RP plugin that swears at you when you try to cook something :bread: :smirk:


That would be quite easy to make, I could do it eventually, but right now I don’t want to touch Sponge until it has more progress.

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Consider it done when the Sponge API is released ;D

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I was planning on doing it myself but hey! Collab? :smiley:

Looking for a coder for a Roleplay/RPG plugin, basically a bigger fleshed out version of MCmmo… anyone interested? PM me,

(Off topic I know sorry)

Rolls and such I like, adds a chance effect to roleplay, all RP plugins should have it :smile:

I do have my own plugin development with a thread: KraftRPG Official Thread It’s pretty well fleshed out IMO. It is intending to support functionality brought by McMMO and other RPG plugins from Bukkit.

Looks good to me, I look forward to a more indepth description of skills and such. If you need ideas or examples that I have seen from other servers I would be happy to help.