Roleplay Plugins

Hello! I’ve looked around and noticed there aren’t many roleplay plugins for sponge! The owner and I have decided to make a modded minecraft server based on the topic of “Realistic Life Roleplay”.

I haven’t found any plugins I need, so I decided to list them here and if any of you have time or the desire to help people in need it would be great if you could attempt to make one!

  1. Randomizer Plugin

Description: This plugin would randomize a players age based upon first joining the server.
Example: Player joins for the first time Chat says: Your age is: 16
You cannot change your age unless: 1. You apply to get it changed 2. You become an employee or own a business
Extra Description: I would (IF POSSIBLE) like a GUI or command to change the players age myself, they aren’t allowed.

  1. RPName Plugin

Description: This plugin would give the player a roleplay-name of their choosing.
Example: Player types /rpname Jorge H. Chat says: “Your name is now Jorge H.”
Extra Description: If possible, could the chat not allow you to speak w/o a RPName?

  1. Right-Click Descriptions Plugin

Description: A plugin where the player is able to see another players description or set their own.
Example: /setdesc (Colors can be used here too!) Jorge H. / Hi / 10 / Bye
Extra Description: Right clicking on the player will show their description.

  1. Easy-Warns Plugin

Description: Staff members are able to warn players and it shows the whole server.
Example: /warn genocxdee FailRP Whole chat views: genocxdee has warned genocxdee for “FailRP”
Other Example: Player who was warned will see: You have been warned by genocxdee for “FailRP”
Extra Description: Players will hopefully be able to type /warnings to see their warnings.

  1. Phones plugin

Description: You will have a cellphone you can buy from a store in your inventory.(This will be paired to a block which has a model in place for it) There is a randomized number you get from joining the server. (Which is 10 digits, the area code will be a random one of YOUR CHOOSING) Right clicking once will turn the phone on. Right clicking the second time will turn the phone off. You have commands such as /viewcontacts 1-100 (Views your contacts list) /addcontact number name (adds contact with number and name) /deletecontact (Deletes contact)
/call Number/contact (basically /msg)

  1. Teleporting Signs Plugin

Description: Sign-Teleport, basically you right click a sign and it takes you to your desired location
I think this one is self explainable.

If I have more I will let you know!

all im going to say is, good luck lmao

Roleplay Essentials Mod | MCreator I made this a while ago it can help you, adds a lot of currency good looking too and some other samgladiator roleplay elements