RottenFood - Give items an expirationdate

How did you setup yours ?

I configured so raw meat would stand fresh for 6 hours, until be transformed into rotten flesh.
For example cooked meat would be eatable for 48 hours.

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Will this be updated to API 7.1+?

The 7.0.0 Version does work fine with 7.1.0!
I have not tested it with 7.2.0 API, but in theory it should work…
Aaand there is now a branch for 8.0.0 on GitHub, but that’s not working yet, i will update that (pls remember me ^^) but i’ll wait until 8.0.0 is more stable :slight_smile:

Ah, then I must be encountering some sort of bug. I only thought it was the version because it happened when I updated SpongeForge. I’ll report it to the tracker if I can recreate it.

Uhm ok, yeah report it! Maybe it is the version … i am not using this plugin myself, so i have to mostly rely on you guys reporting issues ^^

There is now a new version, fixing an issue reported by @Corcustos :slight_smile: