RPG Warps/Inventory GUI Commands

First off this is just a brainstorm of various ideas, direct me to the proper mod/plugin if it already exists.

Item Based GUI menu:
The op manager chooses an item, for example a custom png map,
as seen in this bukkit plugin: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/framepicture <<<<(a nice add-on to this plugin concept… or its very own plugin)
He (the op manager) then runs a defined command, (/menu create name) the item is turned into a GUI Menu.

To edit the GUI menu he runs a new command, (/menu name edit)
Within the GUI Menu there will be inventory slots, the op manager can choose a custom defined player head as the button. (great example of this being used is the spell icons in the plugin Magic, by Nathan Wolf on Spigot)
once chosen he names the item, then defines the command it runs if clicked.
For Instance (/warp Great Hall) At this point when the op is done editing, they simply can exit the menu, maybe even run a command, (/menu name save)

Once a player has this item they will open it by right-clicking the item. Choosing the button of there choice, this will execute the command, in this case, the warp.

Something I would love to add to this is discoverable warps…

The op manager will navigate to a specific location, create the warp. if a player walks within a specified radius of the warp, it becomes discovered… at this point it gets added to the above warp gui menu.
Once the player discovers the maximum slots in the menu, warps become replaced with there latest discovered warp.

This plugin will of course need an option to remove buttons/warps and a reload option.

The GUI Menu Command portion of this plugin will be useful for things other than warps, but I much like the warps idea as its own, that way the discovery warp option is not confusing. I dont know exactly how all this works, but we can brainstorm ideas together.

I would love this idea to work with Nucleus. Thought I dont see why it wouldnt, just as long as the commands do not conflict with each other like warp, etc…

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