Running debug task with mixins

Hello, I have been playing with the Mixin API, but I cannot get the “Hot-Swap” feature of Intellij to work with mixins, they error when I click “Reload Changed Classes”, and says that it was unable to locate obfuscation mapping. Any help?

you need to enable the hotswap agent with -Dmixin.hotSwap=true

It didn’t work, is there any debug in the console? I have added this to the build.gradle

runClient {
jvmArgs ["-Dmixin.hotSwap=true"]

You’ll need to use the IntelliJ Run configurations with the flag, usually it will work if you’re hot swapping code in the same injector method, but adding new injections will NOT always work.

@gabizou I have added the flag, and the debug flag too. Mixin debug says the hotSwap property is enabled, but when I run the “Reload Changed Classes” on Intellij It gives me errors for all mixins saying that it cannot find the mapping to inject.