Russian forum

After sitting at the forum, I realized that not many Russian people sitting on the forum do not know English and suggest creating a separate forum where, for example, I would translate news about Sponge and introduce other directions.


  1. Russian developers who do not know English can improve their knowledge on the forum.
  2. Interested people will be sitting on this forum, rather than creating an analog of the Rubukkit.

I’d also like as a goal to have better translation support in Sponge.

Note: Fan made alternate language community sites are not controlled, or associated with SpongePowered the organization, any staff who participate on said sites are doing so in a personal capacity.

There hasn’t been any official stance by staff, but from common sense and knowing fellow moderators opinions on things, if there was I would suspect it would be something along the following.

We expect fan made sites to

  1. Respect Intellectual Property rights of authors, including plugin authors, mod authors, and Mojang/Microsoft.
  2. Preferably not rehost plugins themselves, but if they are going to, should have the authors permission (whether this be license, or personal permission), and under no circumstances should be charging money, or containing malware / backdoors.
  3. Not use our art assets in a manner outside those listed here: Art Assets — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation
  4. Treat it’s members with respect, Treat Mojang with respect, and loosely follow similar rules Forum, Discord & IRC Rules — Sponge 7.2.0 documentation.

Forum Moderators have been largely ignoring links to other communities, on the assumption (and random checks) that fan community sites are ‘playing fair’ There has also been discussions about possibilities of sub-forums for alternate languages, potential partnering with some sites, but no consensus.

I do not think things will change any time soon, unless the community demands it to.

And if it does, then we have the issue of how best to choose moderation staff that we don’t necessarily have a strong connection with already.


Any site like yours in Russian will borrow your name and ascribe a prefix / suffix and it will probably use your logo for your own forum. I would like to see a subforum where everything would be located in another language.

У меня есть желания создать форум для русского комьюнити. Если есть кто-то кто заинтересован в этом и готов помочь, то напишите мне в лс или на почту:
[email protected]

Он уже есть [removed link]

Хмм, интересненько.
Вот моя реализация форума:
Нужно еще немного поправить некоторые моменты правда.

Ссылка, которую удалили у ziceptor.
Туториалы, сообщетсво, готовое отвечать, всё есть там. Ежедневный онлайн 10-15 человек.